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The first records for Hopewell Baptist Church were dated July 28, 1860. These records indicate that the church had been in existence for several years, but the exact date is unknown, as well as why it was called Hopewell. In 1889, the old church was torn down and moved six miles to a new location on ‘old’ Pattonfield Road. The church remained at this location until it moved to new facilities on U.S. Highway 271. Much of the church history has been lost, but there are many things which can be remembered or have been passed down through the years. At some point the name was changed to New Hopewell Baptist Church. The moves to different locations show a flexibility to minister more effectively. Many people have been led to Christ, missionaries supported, ministers ordained, and lives changed. Accountability and Christian conduct for Kingdom living has been a continual practice. A three day celebration and dedication of new facilities began a new era for the church on March 28-30, 2008. The new building is located on 9 ½ acres, two miles south of the old location on U.S. Highway 271. In addition to the new location and new facilities, the church name was changed to The Church At West Mountain. New space is now available in this 30,000 sq. foot building for worship, fellowship, Christian education, and various ministries.

This congregation understands that growth comes from health. You are invited to join us as we use to pursue spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health (life) and growth (maturity) for the glory and honor of Jesus Christ our Savior. Many people have been led to Christ and entered into this local covenant of believers since March 30, 2008.

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